Pylos is located in the south-western edge of Peloponnisos island and was founded next to the fort built by the Turks in 1573 A.D. to control the southern entrance of Navarino bay. That’s where the “Navarino Battle” was won by the Greek, Russian, British and French alliance against the Turk-Egyptian fleet in 1827, establishing the founding of the Independent State of Greece.

The name “Pylos” though, comes from mythology where the founder was the mythical figure “Pylos”, and then it became the kingdom of Nestor, the wise old king mentioned by Homer in his epic stories, who built his palace during the 13th century B.C. in the “Koryfasion” hills, a few kilometres norther from where Pylos is now located.

Today Pylos is a small picturesque town of 2.500 people, built as an amphitheatre on the natural slopes of the southern side of Navarino bay, and combines the austere style of traditional Peloponnesian residences with the playful note and details that can be seen frequently around Ionion coastline and islands